NETWORK | Network Administration and support program ( NAS ) ::.

The NAS Program offers our clients full network management, end-user support services, and constant re-assessment of their IT needs.

Infrastructure Evaluation

Always complimentary, we begin with a full assessment of your network infrastructure. We can then work together to form an NAS program that fits your company’s specific needs. We will formulate a service plan that is right for you, based on your number of servers/workstations, you network topology and your hardware/software configurations while keeping in mind all of your relevant business practices.

Regular Maintenance

INforce will perform general administration and analyze logs. We will ensure that a sound data backup policy is implemented and we will perform test restores, change tapes and clean drives as required so that you never have to worry that your data will be lost in the event of a disaster. In addition, we will ensure virus detection and prevention mechanism are up-to-date and functioning as well as address individual user support issues.


INforce is on call during YOUR business hours. We will provide telephone and email administered support as well as on-site visits, when necessary. We are also always readily available for any emergency during off-hours.

Monthly Status Reports

Technology, and the challenges around it, are ever changing. INforce is committed to taking a proactive approach to your IT needs. Our monthly status updates include meeting with you to review your monthly support calls and identify the key issues. We will make any necessary hardware and software upgrade recommendations and amend your NAS program to address your changing IT needs.