Today's business environment carries its own unique array of exacting demands. Your competition refuses to stand still. Your customers know more, expect more and want more. As a result, gaining and maintaining complete control of your operation is mandatory, particularly in the key areas of front office, manufacturing, logistics/distribution, service, human resources and finances.

INForce Business Solutions can provide software applications for multiple computing environments, including Windows NT®, AS/400®, and UNIX®. As well, all of our ERP applications are Internet enabled. So whatever your company's computing environment, we can deliver the ERP solution ideal for that environment. INforce has formed a strategic partnership with a licensed reseller of J.D. Edwards, one of the largest suppliers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

J.D. Edwards offers highly flexible and integrated solutions that allow organizations to use information efficiently throughout the entire enterprise, easily tailoring applications to meet changing business needs.

Please take some time to review some of what J.D. Edwards has to offer